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Angouleme is just 20 mins from the Chateau. The city is an artistic one - the centre of the graphic novel and cartoon industry with a world-renowned festival every year. This is the reason you'll see many creative and humorous murals around the city. You can even hire an electric boat to potter about on the river that runs through the city - they really are easy and safe to "drive", and you get a completely different perspective. gallery-sign

perfect cycling


Most guests quickly begin to see the joys of cycling in our region. Car drivers who recognise and give plenty of space to bikes. Miles of safe "Velo Vert" routes - where old railway lines are converted to cycle tracks, providing routes which are sheltered and flat. And there are miles and miles of off road tracks - public rights of way - criss-crossing the countryside, where you will spin along through trees and around fields, surrounded by berries and wildlife. It's a fantastic way to spend a morning before the real heat of the day. Good quality mountain bikes (adult and kids) can be hired through the Chateau - but do make sure you arrange it before arrival.

A Grand Day Out in Paris


The TGV Train from Angouleme will whisk you to Paris in just over two hours, on a booked seat in a quiet, comfortable environment. Spend the day visiting the sights of beautiful Paris, from the glory of the Eiffel Tower to the fun of shopping in the Marais, and still be back at the Château for supper.