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Fabulous facilities, loads of space, acclaimed interiors and a relaxed and friendly welcome


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Chateau de la Couronne is made for holidays. A heated swimming pool, bags of room and diverting facilities like a private cinema and a billiard room. In the garden there is space to play boules, table tennis, badminton - or just throw a frisbee around. There is even a private football pitch for you to use. And for those seeking a bit of quiet and solitude, just grab a book from the extensive guest library, find a deck chair under a tree in the garden, and relax.

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Stone Salon

eat, drink and be merry


Food is always a big deal on holiday so we offer completely flexible catering options. You are free to self-cater if you wish - just visit the markets, find what's fresh and tasty, then free your inner Jamie in the fabulous kitchen. Or if you prefer to lay back and let us take up the slack, we can cater for you - anything from a BBQ in the sun, to a one-off celebration meal, to three meals a day.

The French Market

Snail Stall on Market

Getting to the market early to shop for the day's meal is one of the pleasures of French life. Old boys in tatty jackets selling what grows in their gardens - tomatoes that actually smell and taste of tomato, potatoes still dusted with earth after being pulled from the ground that morning, eggs that his hens laid in his shed - the market is still hugely important, and there are a few real humdingers nearby. Angouleme's covered market in the city centre is a must visit. Piegut-Pluviers - a small town a short distance from the chateau - gets taken over by a huge market every wednesday. It is an unforgettable experience to join in the fun, trading elbows with stocky ladies in housecoats or their gauloise puffing husbands buying ingredients for their dinner.

A day at the beach? easy

Scott and Juno at the Beach

If you want a day at the beach, but don't fancy the gridlock around seaside resorts in the summer, we've got a treat for you. Just 25mins from the chateau is a man-made lake, complete with a large, beautifully clean, well maintained sandy beach. The sand slopes gently, so the water is warm and safe, and there are several cafes on hand for snacks and ice creams. You can use free kayaks to explore, and there is a footpath which goes all the way round the lake, so you can stroll or ride your bike around its circumference. It's a day at the seaside without the hassle.

Chateau Country

Hautefoy Chateau

If having your own chateau is not enough, there are loads more in the region for you to visit, from the simply enormous la Rochefoucauld, to the prisitine Hautefoy and the gem-like Bourdeilles.

Wine or Cognac?

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We are fortunate that we sit on the edge of both wine and cognac growing areas. It's great fun to visit a wine maker, from exalted regions like St. Emilion to the local, authentic co-operatives like St. Sornin just 10 mins from the chateau. The people who run these places love what they do, so a visit is always going to be an enlightening and rewarding experience. Or you could arrange a tour at one of the world famous cognac houses like Hennessy or Remy Martin. It's really easy to do and a great way to get under the skin of the region.

Eye Candy for Petrol Heads too

Circuit des Remparts Image

Every September, motor racing comes to Angouleme. The Circuit des Remparts is a festival of classic and vintage car racing on a street circuit created from the old roads around the ramparts of the city centre. For a weekend we become a little Monaco. Just more friendly. And without the boats. And the pretentiousness. And the 25 euro coffees. Everything from Lotus and Porsche to Bugattis are thrown round the circuit with glee. Spectators can buy tickets to the pit lanes and wander about to their heart's content. It's really relaxed and welcoming. In addition to the racing, it is also a weekend of classic and vintage cars being shown. Every square in the city is taken over by an owner's club displaying their cars. There is none of the roped-off exclusivity of some events either - this is run and attended by enthusiasts who are only too happy to chat carburettors and upholstery.

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